Tinctures of Cyan

He: What happened? Blow out!

Me: I don’t know like everything is going okay but I feel anxiety at times?

He: Why so?

Me: May be because there is something bothering me subconsciously and I’m not able to recognise it.

He: How come you cannot recognise your own energy?

Me: Because it is coming silently to me. It is a no noise scenario around.

He: Umnn. I can get you a bit.

Me: Haina! You feel that too?

He: Alright I don’t exactly feel it but at times I feel the same when I’m in deep thoughts. I feel it especially on roads while driving and all gets stagnant and I keep riding with all blank emotions. No movements in mind or no triggers. Just plain riding and everything around me go still, killer still. N about all, at the end I reach the exact destination with subconscious.

Me: Oh man! I can so so so damn relate. It does happen to me at times.

He: So, you too get it right?

Me: I name it ‘Silent Chaos’.

He: Aahahha, which is no more silent.

Me: (chuckles)

He: Someone suggested me ‘Blue’.

Me: Why blue? How does that help?

He: Stupid! It’s colour for calmness and serenity.

Me: So, you do feel serene?

He: Aham. May be at times.

Me: And how?

He: By just hanging around it?

Me: Like?

He: Like look at your right? There is a beautiful amalgamation of Blue and Indigo.

Me: Ahhh. I just like one Indigo. You know what I mean!

He: Yeah travellers do have a plus for it.

Me: Eheheehe

He: Look at it and I’m sure you would feel a bit fine.

Me: I definitely do. But, let me take a picture first. I will name it – Indigo.

He: Okay. But you have to stare at this picture whenever you miss me.

Me: I don’t miss you. You are everywhere.

He: Okay. Drama.

Me: Okay. Bye.

He: Bid you!

Me: Bid you enough.

Travel As A Traveller And Not AS A Tourist!

There is a difference!

There is always a difference that you and I… don’t understand.

I always travelled at places like a tourist.

Like, I’m there just to see the place and not to understand it.

Like, I couldn’t hear those winds and those squirrels, jumping trees to trees.

I played snakes and ladders, I played Bowl – a –rama, but all I couldn’t play is jumping jacks.

For all I knew, I was there for you; to check on your puddled shoe.

I never ever knew there were synonyms for squirrels around the world.

Because, all I did was not paying attention.

I would happily call that ‘Chipmunk’ by my hypocoristic name and expect her to hear me back,

For all I neglect, by heart, her oxymoron reality.

She forgives me every single time for not knowing her breed, just to give me space to pull a boner again.

And I, yes, like always, I fail to recall one more time; her materiality.

How uneducated, untaught and unschooled I was to confound her pain.

And there I was…

All shut up,

All unbalanced and senile,

To look up to the benign sky, for my misapprehension.

All these years, I never thought it was important enough to know about a particular place or about a particular community. Being a Gujarati, I could hardly make a difference between a Madarasi and a Malayali. And, not because I was not educated enough but because I simply didn’t make effort to know.

In the same way, I would just visit the place and come back. Yes, I would see the gliding tress and graceful water but I would never question their realities. I accepted the place as it is. I accepted the place as it was shown in my 4th grade’s geographic textbook. There was no difference in me after my travels. I would just be the same. I would not be a little marginal intelligent among my folks. All because of pure legit ignorance.

The pictures in the wallpapers wowed me then as it wow me now. However: with a cosmic difference. It wowed me then as I would get to see my text book pictures live and it wow me now as I would get to learn about the place in its true sense. I would pre-search about the place, about the food, about the people, about the air, about the water and most importantly about the language.

I pre-learn some of the words of that particular language in advance. It is not because I face problem in communicating with the community but because I want to converse with the locals in its true originality. I want to have that same accent, I want to hear that same accent like I had heard them in the television, and I want to know them in their own way.

I want to change for them like earlier they changed for me albeit I landed in their own town. I want to eat their food as per their choice and not interrupt my own taste. I want to drink the water in the same way as they drink and not in my style. I want to dress up in their costumes and not mine. I want to dance like them and not like how I twirl my feet. I want to sing their hymns and not mine like I do in my sleepy voice. I want to sleep like them and wake up like them, I want to speak like them and listen like them, I want to turn like them and swirl like them, I want to climb like them and swim like them. All I know is, I want to be like them for the next 5 days.

Exactly like them!

No pushing, no gushing, no smashing.

Just like them, all calm and jamb.

We often travel to a destination in the name of a travel but when someone asks us regarding the place and culture and traditions and political party!!! We are often speechless.

We spend lots of money just to make our wallpapers live but we never make a little effort to know about a place, about its origin, about its history and its victory.

If we don’t know about a place, we should not travel or make a big about it. It is like staying in the same apartment for years and not knowing your next door neighbours. You just live for the sake of living. In the same way, you just travel for the sake of travelling.

You walk and talk like a tourist and not a traveller.

A traveller in true sense doesn’t need a tourist guide. A traveller cultivates his own habits of exploration. A traveller would be able to explain the routes of the unexplored parameters of that place to everyone once asked. A traveller would be able to talk and sound like a local when he’s back. A traveller would explore every possible inch of the place just because of the burning curiosity in his pump. A traveller would be a guest in the stranger land.

Feel it.

Live it.

Sulk it.

The world is all yours and you have the ability to know it all…

Next time, you go for a destination…

Be loud, be mad, be humble and be a traveller and not a TOURIST.

There is a difference.

There is always a difference which you and I… will know!

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Quirky Tips To Travel Cheaper in 2019

‘Travelling’- It leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller. – IBN BATTUTA

Social media is crabby! Yes, it can be haunting at times.

And, to our surprise the new AI systems in the name of ‘Helping hands’ makes it worse by tracking our minds and popping that heartbreaking ads.

I know your purpose of coming here! I know you definitely don’t want to sit on your office desk in this perfect monsoon evening and cry to yourself saying, “If travelling was free, you would never find me here”, “I wish I was in that fleshy jungle smelling those wet leaves while sipping my best diet tea..” or something like, “I wish I had more money like that next door neighbours who are diving deep into the turquoise sea right now…”

Trust me, we share the same sun. I can oath that you would leave this page by booking the next bus in your schedule! Yes, I said bus. And, I would say many other things like this just to make your pockets happy.

Let’s hop on hotfoot on my budget travel tips.

Hand Pick the Shoulder Season

We know some places are best at a particular season. For instance, Auli in winter and Bali in summer. In the same way, there is a ‘Shoulder season’ for travelling when the tickets are priced in the lowest possible section. This is the time when most people are busy and won’t travel around the world. This is fall or spring season, mostly. It varies from destination to destination. Hence, you need to do a little homework for finding the shoulder season for your dream place. Once it is decided, you can start saving and planning in advance. (Tip: Try to travel when there are less tourists at a particular place so that you get full attention and time from locals and you can explore as many places as possible with quickest available resources)

Research and pick up your favourite destination’ shoulder season

Get Up Early On Sunday

Sunday is meant for sleep. Your bed demands that Sunday long naps and quirky long social media surfing. However, swear on the universe, you get the best deals on early Sunday mornings. The word early is quite ‘Early’ for your weekend as it shows exactly 5 A.M on your timepiece. Well, this is just valid for the flight bookings. In case, you are planning to go by train or bus (which is awesome), you can book it 28 hours before your trip and you can get some really happy deals. (Pro tip – Try to search for some promo codes or discount codes on the websites in order to enjoy more discounts!)

Learn Burn Turn

This is where your spying out on your boyfriend skills comes to use. Yes, you learnt a lot of research work there (without getting paid as an expert researcher: p). As you have already made up your mind to go to your dream place, now it’s time to spy on that place. This will help you in many different ways, like you can save up on tourist guides, on uncharted transportation costs, activities at the spots and the major one – from getting kidnapped at some stranger street! This would give you an exact idea regarding where you want to travel and why? What attracts you there and which history books connect there. The main reason we love travelling is because in our subconscious mind while coming across any books and talks, we imagined ourselves exploring there. If you are well versed with the place and its surroundings, you can learn about the place in a very comprehensive way.

Research means that you don’t know, but you are willing to find out – Charles Kettering

Download Bumble

Yes, Bumble it is. These kinds of platforms are real blessing for networking with localities. Most of the foreigners use it while they are travelling solo in order to get a company in a totally new hemisphere. It would help you in understanding the globe in a better way. Next time, you come across with a kick ass stranger through it, we are sure you would come back with waggish stories. (Disclaimer: It is not just a dating platform!)

You never really travel alone. The world is full of friends waiting to get to know you.

Dorm Warm

Seriously, what’s more phenomenal than getting new roommates on rent in a stranger land! Yes, you get them on rent. There are different hostels in India and overseas which allow you to stay there in a minimum of 200-300 bucks per night. You can cook your own meals, play taboo, share a story or paint their walls with oil paints etc. The fun never ends. (Please check http://www.worldbesthostels.com/ for international travel as well as https://www.hostelworld.com/hoscars for domestic travels). And if you are lucky, you can get a free haircut like me!!

She taught me – “Not all those who wander are lost”

Buy a Brand New Pair of shoes

Yea; buy new shoes with the best quality. This shoes would help you replace your uber’s and ola’s. I recommend you to walk more in order to save some notes. This has multiple benefits like you can check out pretty surroundings as well as take a halt if you find something interesting and you can even grab that new outfit which wasn’t fitting you last month (Gyming while travelling, Ulalala).

Talk While You Walk

Your best friend while travelling is your Tongue. It can take you to places and smells. You can use your best friend to talk with people around you. You can share a good story and end up in one of the local shelters. And, you know what you can eliminate? The horrifying expense of food! Yes, food is the costliest affair when you are travelling. However, your best friend can taste the yummiest local food just by using some mannerism words! (Uff! Control your water)

Work as A Workaholic

I know your idea of travel is just travel and no other tantrums! Howbeit, you can get free rooms and food by working for a brief time. By this it doesn’t mean you have to work your ass off but specifically 3 to 4 hours in a day which would make your entire day’s stay complimentary! At the end, you gain local experience and amazing local buddies who can host you free; next time you plan this place. It is as breathtaking experience to have friends in different countries as it is to paraglide in dissimilar winds. It gives you edge as not only a traveller but makes you understand and develop diverse perspectives towards a particular culture which you might have misunderstood by hearing unknown tales. Here, are few global websites which allows you to find work while travelling: https://www.workaway.info/ and https://www.helpx.net/)

Singapore Currency

Stay Hydrated

After a long extended walk, you need H2O. For sure, that means just hydrogen and oxygen atoms and not Ethanol. You can save up gobs by not consuming alcoholic drinks. It would also give you edge over others in enjoying the night by hearing out blurry spilled secrets.

I didn’t understand a word except ‘AKKA’ but the way he presented it to me, I was overwhelmed.

And, here I end with my killer budget travel tips! Go sassy and book your next trip right away (Secret: January, February and September are the best months to travel cheap. If you don’t believe us then check this out)

If you have such stories in your life, do share with me at Readywithriya@gmail.com